Raja Ram Temple

There is a fascinating tale behind the history of the Ram Raja Temple. This temple was at one point of time, a palace of the then ruler Madhukar Shah. Legend says that once Lord Rama appeared in his dreams due to which Madhukar Shah brought the idol of Lord Rama into the palace before installing it inside the temple. But for some reason the idol could not be moved from its original place in the palace. The ruler then remembered the bit of his dream where it was said that the idol would stay at the place it would be kept initially. It was then that the king turned the palace into a temple.

Royal Cenotaphs

There are fourteen Chatrries or memorials to the rulers of Orchha grouped along the kanchan ghat of the river Betwa.The 14 Chattries were constructed as a mark of respect for the imperial blue blood of the mighty rulers of Bundelkhand dynasty. Build in Indo-Mughal style, these three storey buildings are open to all sides and have nicely designed tops - domes or pinnacles. Most of the cenotaph is in a single compound with similar plans, except the ones seen on the extreme left. This one is build in memory of King Bir Singh Deo(1605-27) whose rule is considered as the golden age of Orchha.

Jahangir Mahal

The establishment of the Jehangir Mahal dates back to the 17th century A.D. when the then ruler of the region named Bir Singh Deo built the structure as a symbol of warm reception of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, during the latter's first visit to the city. The entrance of the Jehangir Mahal, Orchha is marked by an artistic and traditional gateway. The front wall of the structure faces to the east and is covered with turquoise tiles. Jehangir Mahal is a three storied structure that is marked by stylishly hanging balconies, porches, and apartments. Like other Palaces in Orchha the Jehangir Mahal, Orchha has and a number of domes that are shaped like onion. These domes cover the central courtyard of the palace. Thus without visiting the Jehangir Mahal as well as other Monuments in Orchha, the Tour to Orchha is incomplete.

Chaturbhuj Temple

The original place where the idol of Lord Rama was places is the Chaturbhuj Temple. The history of the Chaturbhuj temple, Orchha is associated with an interesting legend that imposes the faith of the people.It is said that Maharani Gansh Kunwar, wife of the Ruler of Orchha, raja madhukar built the temple for Lord Rama. She wanted to relocate the idol of Rama that was placed in Rani Niwas, her private apartments to the temple.But the idol refused to move.Thus , the king instead of Lord rama, places the idol of Lord Vishnu, with four arms in the temple. That is how, the name Chaturbhuj temple was attained.

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